Over the years I have played with many acts,

below are some of the recording artists

I work with or have worked with.


HorsesWild - Rex Delcamp - Razin Jane

Mark Huhta - Sarrasota Slim - Slim & Nitro - Plaid Rabbitt - Mike Chinn

Sherman Noir - Kirk Adams - Pete Dorian - Jeff & JJ Patishall - Glass Half Full

Artists & Bands from long ago

Yonkers Philharmonic, Wilton Chamber Orchestra, Westchester Civic Orchestra,

Jimmy Ceaser, Lou Monte, Dave Brubeck, Lonnie Liston Snith, Melvin Sparks,

Jon Brion, Jay Rowe, Rohn Larwance, Marion Meadows,

Jay Stollman, Gary Ciuci, Eric "Big Eric" Walters,

 Addison Tompson, John Saxon's Big Band, The WPLR Breakfast Band,

The Commet's  without Bill Haley,

and Many, Many More